Designing / Hosting

Website Designing

Cyber Advanced TC designs two types of websites; Responsive dynamic and static websites. The dynamic website design involves designing a fully functional website with a Content Management System (CMS) which is responsible for editing data on the website at any time and on any device (smart phone, ipads, tab or laptop / desktop) by our client. There's complete control of the website content. The static website design involves designing a fully functioning website but but as the name suggests (static) the content can't be changed, unless we interview which involves an extra cost per update.


After Effects

Web Hosting

Web hosting a type of intertnet hosting service which allows people and companies to make their websites available on a World Wide Web. We provides space to it's clients to store the websites, for accessibility of these websites the company further registers domain names for clients.


Large Designs

System & Website Redesigning

When our esteemed clients have already designed systems or websites, we can make all sorts modifications. Cyber Advanced TC is not limited in any way, our main aim is to design a client desired systems or websites.


Custom Designs