Development & Mantainance

Web-Based Information Systems1

1A web-based information system, is an information system that uses Internet web

technologies to deliver information and services, to users or other information


It is a software system whose main purpose is to publish and maintain data by

hypertext-based principles.A web information system usually consists of one or

more web applications, specific functionality-oriented components, together with

information components and other non-web components. Web browser is typically

used as front-end whereas database as back-end. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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Types of web-Based Information Systems Designed

We use code igniter framework to design Management Information Systems (MIS), which are used for decision-making, and for the coordination, control, analysis and visualization of information in an organization. Decision Support Systems, that provide full analysis which is based on for the board to make decisions. lastly, the transaction processing systems which facilitate the transaction processing.



System Presentation and Mantainance

1Once the system has been designed, our team does the documentation and presentation as well as the user training session on how the system operates. Cyber Dynamic Design will then maintain the system for the clients to ensure the best system operation. Our team of experts test each system functionality to see is it matches with our customers' satisfaction. Note: the mantainance of the system will deopend on the contract our clients have with us.


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